What we speak about when we don’t speak about our salaries

What we speak about when we don’t speak about our salaries

Back in November, I shared a piece about the “ Real Media Salaries Spreadsheet” that was started by one of my colleagues and publicized the earnings of more than a thousand individuals operating in media.

Now the New York Times has actually published a fantastic new piece about this motion, on the breakdown of the taboos around pay transparency:

Open discussions of pay lay bare some of the basic contradictions that govern a lot of offices, which declare to embrace their workers like family while firmly insisting, all the while, on professionalism and discretion. They are neighborhoods whose members care about one another and yet likewise know that their particular right to belong is based upon their energy, perceived or real. To ask a colleague her salary– particularly one who has actually worked at an organization for several years– opens up deeper, disturbing concerns. How valued are you in this community? Are you more valued than I am, or beyond what I view as your worth? Or have you undervalued yourself, been timid, unaware, exploited?

The article does a reasonable job of approaching the problem from various distinctions, consisting of the social and professional convenience included with even attempting to alter the expectations around income secrecy, and the real information that reveals what happens when money matters are aired out outdoors:

[U] sing data from a joy study that has been performed in Norway given that 1985 … Perez-Truglia discovered that the newfound accessibility of other individuals’s pay led to a considerable boost in the happiness space: Higher-income earners were happier than they were prior to the details was extensively available, and lower-income employees were less pleased.

In other words, I’m personally in absolute favor of sharing income info.

Breaking the Wage Sharing Taboo[Susan Dominus / The New York Times]

Image: Evan Jackson/ Flickr(CC 2.0)

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