This Might Be the Next Big Pot Stock

This Might Be the Next Big Pot Stock

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A more reliable method of providing CBD might unlock significant growth opportunities for this unknown small-cap.

David Jagielski

Pot stocks are a cent a lots nowadays. There is no shortage of companies out there touting that their marijuana is higher quality than their peers. For financiers, it makes investing in a cannabis business all the more tough, especially when it pertains to finding up-and-coming stocks.

Having the ability to tell which stock is a pretender and which one is the real offer isn’t an easy job, but this obscure pot stock has a competitive benefit over its peers.

A biotech company that’s turned to marijuana

Amyris ( NASDAQ: AMRS) is in business of health and wellness and purports to produce pure active ingredients for its clients. In March 2019, the business revealed that it signed an arrangement worth potentially $300 million with Lavvan, a then-recently formed company. The business accepted interact in bringing cannabinoid items to market, with Amyris concentrating on the research and development part of the procedure.

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In 2019, Amyris tape-recorded earnings of $183 million related to the offer. It represented a modest 12%of the company’s overall sales for the year but it’s an amazing development opportunity for financiers.

Why there could be an even larger chance for Amyris

The contract that Amyris has in place with Lavvan is an appealing one, however that could just be the start of its opportunities in the market. In March, Amyris unveiled the results of a research study conducted by the Cosmos Technical Center. The study found that Amyris’ technique for delivering cannabidiol (CBD) through sugarcane squalane was more effective than hemp seed oil and other ways of carrying CBD. It was able to permeate the skin at a much higher level. The business’s Neossance Squalane product was able to deliver 10 to 40 times more CBD to the skin compared to other oils.

Hemp seed oil is popular in the marijuana industry. A quicker and more impactful way to provide CBD could open up numerous opportunities for Amyris in the CBD market. The business has said it’s looked for a patent to secure its approach of providing CBD and other cannabinoids through using squalane. Amyris stated that it “believes it will be the very first company to supply highly pure and efficacious CBD from this innovation at commercial scale.”

If the company can protect a patent on a remarkable technique for providing CBD, it could be a crucial differentiator. Not only will that help the business satisfy milestones related to its agreement with Lavvan, but it might lead to other chances within the cannabis industry too. Being able to produce high-quality cannabis products is one method a business can differentiate itself from its peers and justify a greater price and better margins in the process.

Does this make Amyris a buy?

Marijuana could be what sets Amyris’ stock on fire. A patent to produce top quality CBD could help the business land deals with other business in the marijuana market.

The California-based business is still in its early development phases. Regardless of the obstacles and uncertainty that COVID-19 presents for the company and its clients, Amyris still anticipates to see sales for 2020 to increase by 44%, with recurring sales anticipated to increase by 80%. The challenge for the business remains the bottom line, where Amyris has actually been in the red in all however one of its past 10 quarters.

Prior to investing in Amyris, investors should likewise take into account the SEC’s previous examinations into the company and Amyris’ failure to come through on guarantees in the past. And until its squalane shipment approach can deliver tested results, financiers will be taking on some threat if they buy shares of the company.

Currently, the stock trades at a modest 2.5 times its revenue and it might be a bargain purchase for long-lasting cannabis investors Year to date, shares of Amyris are up almost 40%while the S&P 500 is down by 6%.

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