The unusual 1976 Cat Stevens song and video, Banapple Gas

The unusual 1976 Cat Stevens song and video, Banapple Gas

My buddy Mark Casale and I were talking about Captain Beefheart last night (as we are often want to do) and were yucking it up over the surreal late-night TELEVISION commercial for the Beef’s 1970 record, Lick My Decals Off, Infant(which I published about last month).

This triggered Mark to ask me if I ‘d ever seen the unusual promotion video for Feline Steven’s 1976 song, Banapple Gas I ‘d never ever even become aware of the song. It was a track on Steven’s ninth studio record, Numbers Numbers was composed as an idea album, subtitled “A Pythagorean Theory Tale.”

[Numbers] was based on a fictional world in a far-off galaxy called Polygor.

The concept of the album is a fantastic spiritual musical which is set on the planet Polygor. In the story there is a castle with a number device. This device exists to meet the sole function of the planet– to disperse numbers to the remainder of the universe: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (however significantly not 0). The nine inhabitants of Polygor, the Polygons, are Monad, Dupey, Trezlar, Cubis, Qizlo, Hexidor, Septo, Octav, and Novim. As the last lines of the book state, they “followed a life of regimen that had actually existed for as long as any could remember. … It was, therefore, even more stunning when on a regular day things initially began to fail.” The modification takes the form of Jzero, who comes from no place as a slave and eventually confuses everybody with his easy fact. ( Wikipedia)

Um, sure. OK.

An online search also discovers claims that Banapple Gas was a recommendation to Banadine (the mythic drug made from banana peels), an acquired kind of LSD, and/or another name for Amyl Nitrite.

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