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Life Is Stressful — Let’s Help Mom Relax

Life Is Stressful — Let’s Help Mom Relax


The world has gotten pretty stressful lately, so let’s use Mother’s Day as an excuse to give the gift of chill vibes. After all, Mom deserves some relaxation even more than usual.

Bath Bombs

It’s hard to think of something more relaxing than a warm bath. Not only will these fizzy spheres make bath time more enjoyable, they’ll even help moisturize dry skin.

Aromatherapy Candles

Scented candles can make a big difference in your mood. The smell of eucalyptus and spearmint will make the long hours spent indoors much more enjoyable.

Kindle Paperwhite

Does Mom like to read in the tub or the pool? Treat her to a water-safe eReader with the latest Kindle Paperwhite. No more water stains on the pages!

Kindle Unlimited

If she doesn’t already have a digital library, Kindle Unlimited is easy to recommend. With access to countless titles, she’ll never run out of entertainment.

CBD Variety Pack

If Mom’s down for some CBD, her even camomile will get a whole lot more chill. Get her these different CBD blends, and unwinding shouldn’t be a problem.

Nebia Spa Shower 2.0

If Mom’s more of a shower fan than a bath enthusiast. maybe it’s time to give her the gift of Nebia. Not only well she save water, but this shower head provides a full-body spray of lovely warm water — immeasurably better than the stock model at the hardware store.

The Robe

Mom doesn’t have a robe? You must correct this error immediately! Grab her this luxurious waffle weave robe, and she’ll achieve maximum comfort.

White Noise Machine

Drown out all of the background noise and let mom get some shuteye. And if she has tinnitus, this little noise maker might make even quiet rooms more tolerable.

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Grant Brunner

Grant Brunner is the Commerce Lead at Digg. Based in Delaware, he spends his time writing, playing games and enjoying nature whenever possible.

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