How Jenna Owens Went From Radio Star To CBD Appeal Creator With Fitish

How Jenna Owens Went From Radio Star To CBD Appeal Creator With Fitish

Jenna Owens, founder of Fitish beauty, Photo Credit: Renato Rimach Photography

Jenna Owens, creator of Fitish skincare brand, Image Credit: Renato Rimach Photography

Picture Credit: Renato Rimach Photography

Let’s talk side hustles, the search for balance, and constructing the thriving CBD-infused skincare brand name, Fitish. There’s absolutely nothing “ish” about Jenna Owens’ career or success.

You might acknowledge Owens’ name as the former cohost of the distinguished nationally-syndicated radio program, The Kidd Kraddick Early Morning Program, where she acted as an on-air personality for 12 years.

The entrepreneurial venture Fitish, which Owens released in April 2017, started as the Fitish30 fitness program, and has actually given that ended up being known for its CBD-infused skin care line, which is sold on Fitish’s site as well as at significant merchants like Neiman Marcus and Urban Outfitters. Because releasing with Fitish’s launching products, the “Tone Down” CBD facial mist and the makeup setting spray, “Don’t Sweat It,” the “Dew It” moisturizer has actually become an instant classic.

” The whole idea was substantiated of a word– the name of the brand and my own individual journey to discover more balance in my life,” Owens shares. “On the radio, I often got asked by our audience what I did to stay in shape and I always just responded with, ‘I’m not in shape, I’m simply fitish.‘”

As Owens was managing a broadcasting career with her side hustle, discovering the time to squeeze in an exercise was proving to be a challenge.

” As I’m sure lots of ladies do, I was comparing myself to the Fitstagram women. I thought, maybe there’s really an idea here and I can reveal people that it is possible to work out efficiently and have more balance.

This look for balance eventually progressed into the Fitish exercise program and after that the prospering skincare brand, when Owens had an “aha” minute in the gym locker space:

” I knew I desired to establish an item and spent over a year believing about how I could perfectly include the Fitish way of life into that. We were all coming from work, often still in makeup, and going out for drinks or conferences right after.

For Owens, credibility has always been a crucial part in her personal brand name’s success, and now in her items’ success. “Hosting a radio early morning program for over a decade, it’s impossible to phony a personality. I had been informed ladies would be tough on me in regards to accepting me when I signed up with the show,” she describes. “So I found out a trick a long period of time back. Disarm other women by exposing something very personal about yourself– awkward even. It right away makes individuals feel at ease around you, and close. Over 12 years of sharing my life, I revealed a lot about myself.”

Although Owens left early morning radio to manage her organisation full-time, fans of her voice and sincerity can now catch her on Fitish: The Podcast, with former radio cohost J-Si, where they bring their passion for psychological health awareness to the podcasting airwaves.

Discover how she discovered the guts to pivot, how she found her purpose, and why keeping Fitish available is important to her.

Karin Eldor: Why did you make the items CBD infused?

Jenna Owens: I had actually been a huge proponent of CBD for rather a long time currently at this juncture. However, it was when only a few tinctures were on the market. I had been utilizing it for stress and anxiety and muscle discomfort successfully. The farm bill passed and it was impressive timing. I thought, if CBD can be this anti-inflammatory internally, I question what it might do topically.

Dewing It moisturizer by Fitish, Photo Credit: Micah Nunley

Dewing It moisturizer by Fitish, Photo Credit: Micah Nunley

Picture Credit: Micah Nunley

How did this leap make you feel? I know there was fear, of course …

Owens: It’s funny because in my retired-ish announcement as I jokingly described it on the show, I was candid and said I rested on the choice for a long time wishing to get that 100 percent sensation of certainty. The truth is I do not think any career leap is going to be simple or specific. It feels more like a cliff dive! I ended up with a 75 percent certainty, 60 percent on some days. Regardless, I felt it was very important to follow my impulse. You can’t get to 2nd base with one foot still on. I still wake up in the middle of the night racked with entrepreneur anxiety, however I do not regret the choice at all. How would I know what Fitish could be without taking that leap?

Eldor: I enjoy the art of the pivot when it comes to women changing career lanes. What suggestions do you have for other ladies wanting to do the exact same?

Owens: We all make time for the things we desire to do. I hear so typically from females that want to start a side hustle, that they do not have time.

Once you decide you are all right with stopping working and you don’t want to live thinking, what if I had attempted that?, then you understand your answer.

Jenna Owens, founder of Fitish, Photo Credit: Obidi Nzeribe

Jenna Owens, creator of Fitish, Picture Credit: Obidi Nzeribe

Image Credit: Obidi Nzeribe

Eldor: I likewise enjoy that it is essential for you to maintain accessibility, with a sensible rate point (your most costly product so far is “Dewing It,” priced at $47), while still preserving a raised appearance.

Owens: I believe as a business owner, it’s essential to know your consumer. Thinking about the situation we are going through, the luxury market feels even more unrelatable.

Eldor: What was the very first big minute for Fitish beauty, when you knew you were going in the right direction?

Owens: I’ll never forget the first wave of real client reviews we obtained from the Tone Down CBD mist. I awakened for the show one early morning and had been flooded with psychological messages from ladies about what Tone Down alleviated for them. One female blogged about her mother using it on her serious burns from radiation treatment for breast cancer, and how much they subsided over night. I suddenly recognized that this had another level of function and capacity that I never ever could have expected. I wasn’t just in the charm/ health service anymore. I remained in business of healing It was likewise the minute, in hindsight, I knew I had actually discovered my function.

Eldor: What else are you working on?

Owens: Working on scaling. I can expose Fitish Animal is one area I’m especially delighted about.

Eldor: While Fitish is scaling and you are growing more and more as a skincare entrepreneur, I enjoy that relatability stays a top priority for you.

Owens: I prefer the candidness of what life is actually like, not the viewed excellence. By drawing back the drape on my own battles, I organically and accidentally created a neighborhood of supporters who were delighted to follow along on my organisation undertaking as an outcome. I also show clients what we are working on, and possible fails or catastrophes. The battle is even more fascinating than the success.

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