5 Ripping Questions With Dave DiCosola/Kameron Norwood, Creators Of Half Day CBD

5 Ripping Questions With Dave DiCosola/Kameron Norwood, Creators Of Half Day CBD

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Founders of Half Day CBD

Half Day Founders

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Historically speaking, smoking cigarettes pure CBD flowers are not to my taste.

I was extremely pleasantly shocked!

When I was identified with advanced glaucoma, I learned what kinds of marijuana are most effective for glaucoma. It makes best sense to blend the great hemp flowers from Half Day CBD with my NJ Medical MJ/THC heavy pressures.

What I found in this extremely unscientific experiment was that my headaches, behind my eyes simply melted away! Again, I’m not making any health declarations, nor am I stating that CBD heals anything at all.

I do believe that Half Day CBD is worth your view. It made my headache disappear.

Easy enough to attempt. It’s not like you are going to get stoned.

GBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

Jada Money @jadac Alma Prieto @mitta_prieto

Warren Bobrow=WB: Why Marijuana? What was your path to the plant? Who were you with when you first got high? Do you remember what you were listening to?

Dave DiCosola=Dave: Marijuana has always been attracting me since the medical benefits are indisputable and the applications of hemp blow my mind. I’ve constantly wanted to do something that was disruptive in health care and, in my life time, I do not believe I’ll ever see a chance to leader a market that can truly provide an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

My very first experience getting high was with my high school buddies at the prom-night after celebration.

Kam Norwood=Kam: Why Marijuana?

What was your path to the plant?

Who were you with when you initially got high? I was drunk and was dragged into a 4runner back seat with some good friends at a party when I was seventeen at a high school graduation celebration.

Do you remember what you were listening to? Thugz Mansion by Tupac. The only location where Thugz get in free and you got ta be a G.

The fascinating feature of both Dave and me is the reality that we were so anti-cannabis for so long since of the stigma around it. But once we recognized the power of the plant, we’ve never ever recalled.

WB: Please inform me about your business? What do you do which is various, therefore better than your competitors? What is your 6 & 12 month goals?

Half Day CBD bottle and a couple CBD pre-rolls

Half Day CBD

Jada Money @jadac Alma Prieto @mitta_prieto

Unlike many CBD business, we insist on having a farmer-direct relationship where we cherry pick the finest and cleanest crops to preserve high quality and efficiency.

Over the next 6 months we plan to streamline all elements of our operation to guarantee we have the very best customer service level possible. For example, we chose to take all order satisfaction in-house. Our previous vendor was a major dissatisfaction because they refused to manage smokable CBD flower and we’re overwhelmed with COVID throughout all of their customers. We decided to bring all of this in-house because we’re simply as inpatient as our consumers. Given that constructing our warehouse operation we have cut shipment times by 50%and now provide a larger variety of products that our competitors can’t provide. If you have not attempted smokable hemp flower, we highly suggest it. Specifically blending our CBD with your THC flower for a DIY 1:1 marijuana product. A great mix of CBD and THC flower can take full advantage of the restorative advantages of the plant. More on that here

Over the next 12 months we hope to broaden our smokable flower choices and offer an essential outlet to farmers for this year’s harvest. We have actually likewise established a warehouse system created around hemp flower, our fulfillment center simply might be the response for hundreds of farmers that require e-commerce to market their crops.

WB: Do you have a coach? What about preconceptions? What is the marketplace that you wish to permeate the most, why?

Dave: My mentor is my father-in-law. Understanding that you can assist patients when standard approaches have actually stopped working, makes you understand that anyone who carries a stigma hasn’t taken the time to get informed.

Kam: My coach is my best friend.

When it pertains to preconceptions, I believe we will be fighting them for a long time. We play a crucial role in assisting to change the preconception around marijuana and particularly with CBD. I believe we are accountable for helping the masses comprehend CBD, stay informed on what to look for and what to trust whether they purchase our items or not. Ensuring, in your area sourced CBD is extremely crucial. We also battle a great deal of critics who dealt with bad stars and are now doubtful or have an unfavorable perception. This will be an uphill struggle till policy and more research; until then clients ought to be conscious and mindful.

WB: Do you cook?

Dave: My cooking abilities haven’t progressed considering that I was 15 years of ages. I can make pasta, hamburgers, and cereal. I’m grateful to be surrounded by incredible cooks like my partner, and I just ensure I’m around to do the dishes. In reality, my partner and sister-in-law are the begetters of our CBD gummy recipe, which we improved and scaled with help from our executive chef, Kim Temmer (a professional pastry chef). I don’t truly have a favorite restaurant, however if it were up to me, I would consume each and every single meal at a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant. They never ever disappoint and have actually always been my most unforgettable dining experiences.

Kam: I enjoy to grill. I taught myself in college when I established a love for the outdoors. My favorite food memory remained in college when my friends and I utilized to consistently see the Legendary Meal Time channel on YouTube and recreate smaller variations of their work of arts. Among my favorite things they motivated me to make was sweet bacon. In college I would make 4 trays of gradually prepared brown sugar turned over bacon that would take 2-3 hours to make appropriately however would turn out so completely candied. Certainly among my favorite food memories. My preferred Pre-Covid restaurant was Little Cheval in Chicago. I love burgers, I love fast service, but I hate sacrificing good food to quick service; Little Cheval is the best of both worlds. Since Covid, I have not been back.:-LRB-

WB: What is your enthusiasm?

Dave: My enthusiasm lies in fixing problems. I wake up every early morning excited to tackle difficulties. Today, my heart is not only in solving my company issues, however searching for ways to return in the process. Just recently, for instance, we’ve been contacted us to action to discover methods as a business to support causes related to racial injustice. We want to do our part by having a varied team and develop opportunities in neighborhoods for those that have been negatively impacted by misguided policing methods– something that those in the marijuana industry are all too acquainted with.

Kam: I love developing things and making things more efficient.

Mission Statement: Great CBD products begin with a precise growing, gathering, processing and solution procedure. At Half Day, we take this procedure seriously, and make it our mission to be as transparent as possible with our procedure for making CBD oil.

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