Open House!!


 It’s time for us to show the community what we’ve been working on all winter!

This winter has been atrocious & unfortunately delayed the construction on the latest addition to our community quite a bit – but NOW

we’re up & rolling!!  The next Triplex is on the verge of being totally complete & we want you to see how much we’ve accomplished!

Visit us this coming Saturday – April the 5th – from 1 – 3pm to see 3 BRAND NEW, low-maintenance, retirement homes!

The Cottages at Arcadian Cove are ready for purchase!




spring 6

Happy Spring everyone! 

We’re excited to know that sunshine is just around the corner and our calendar of activities will be

able to take us OUTSIDE  again! 

We have lots of great things planned for this year so keep your eyes on our Calendars each month

and join us when you can!




Pinch Me Not!!


Did you know?
St. Patrick’s feats were many, but the one he is most known for is bringing Christianity to Ireland?  He was captured & enslaved at the age of 16 in Ireland where he learned the language & culture.  Many years later after he’d escaped back to his home land of Britain – he was ‘called’ to return to Ireland to bring Christianity to the people.  Before his death on March 17th, he was responsible for the creation of over 300 churches and 100,000 baptised Irish.  The Shamrock has become the legendary icon for St. Patrick’s Day.  The 3-leaf clover was used by the saint to illustrate the Trinity of Christianity.
The “Pinching” tradition is an entirely American take on St. Patrick’s Day.  Around the 1700s it was believed that leprechauns  would sneak out on St. Patrick’s Day & PINCH anyone they could see; but if you were wearing green – the color of the Emerald Isle (Ireland) –  you would be invisible to these fairy creatures, thus saving yourself from being pinched!
So from our family to yours – DON’T FORGET TO WEAR GREEN TODAY!



Depending on the luck of the Irish to help you in your Retirement?  How about taking a look into our Cottages?

BRAND NEW, Affordable, Low-Maintenace homes for sale or lease, all in a new Community nestled in a sweet spot

just between Richmond & Berea!

You can be at the EKU Center for the Performing Arts or the beautiful Artist Circle, Berea in just minutes from

your new Condo.

Along with that New Cottage Feeling, Cottage owners/lessees can have various other services provided to them from the Cove, Arcadian’s state of the art, award-winning, Assisted Living facility!  These services include (but are not limited too): minor interior maintenance, fresh cooked meals, and housekeeping services!

Keep an eye out here for our upcoming open house so you can swing in & see our new homes!

Shovel too much Snow?

The Cottages at Arcadian Cove

Did you know…???  The Cottages at Arcadian Cove takes

care of snow removal for our Cottage tenants!

If you’ve had all of the snow shoveling you can handle, maybe you should

consider retiring, literally!  Our Retirement homes are LOW-LOW-MAINTENANCE

and include snow/ice removal as one of the many perks of Cottage Ownership.

Call us today to learn more about less snow shoveling!


New Year Love is In the Air!!

Green Valentine

Love is in the Air at Arcadian Cove!

Okay…so it’s a little early – but we’re excited for Valentine’s Day!

We are offering steep New Resident Discounts!!!!!

Call us today to get more information.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2013

While you celebrate Christmas today – remember the reason for the season,

and remember that without your elders, you would not be who you are.

This year, deliver joy to someone you love!


From our family to yours, may your Christmas be wonderful!

~Arcadian Cove



Bring your favorite cookie (with recipe in hand) and your holiday spirit to

Arcadian Cove tomorrow for an evening of FUN, DECORATING, & of course


We’re hosting a Decorating Party + Cookie Exchange sponsored by the

Business Babes Society of Richmond, KY.

Don’t miss out on the fun!!!


We’re Expanding Our Team!


We’re gearing up to expand our team again & we’re looking for you!!

We’re looking for experienced Dietary Aides & CareTenders – serious inquiries only, only the best for our Residents!

You may print a copy of our application from here, or receive one at the facility.

Application hours are Monday thru Friday 8am – 4pm / Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm.

We look forward to meeting you!


4 Years Here…A Letter from our Administrator


I am delighted to be posting today to celebrate my 4 year anniversary with Arcadian Cove.  When I first came to work here, I honestly didn’t think I would stay; but the more I learned about the concept and watched the employees and Residents grow into a family, the more I truly loved it.

 My previous jobs were all customer-service related, but Arcadian was different.  Formerly – I would encounter a customer, make a sale, and then part ways.  Sometimes I would see them again, sometimes I wouldn’t. 

 Arcadian Cove has helped me to grow in so many ways.  Professionally, I can honestly say I’ve never had a better job.  My superiors are supportive and committed!  My direct boss, our CEO Ms. Jackie Sielaff, has taught me so much and continues to teach me new things every day.  We are blessed with an amazing staff of caring, compassionate, and loyal individuals.  These people inspire me every day with their dedication to our Residents and their quality of life.

 Instead of meeting a customer and making a sale, I am now watching the growth of a beautiful community.  Every single Resident has a story to tell and I feel blessed to be able to hear them.  When I think about how their stories grow when they come to Arcadian Cove, I hope that our employees and their neighbors at the Cove will become a fond part of their tales. 

 I never dreamed I would be in this line of work – but as year 4 rounds the corner, I now can’t see myself doing anything else.  My Residents and My Co-Workers enrich my life so much.  I am honored to be where I am and I can only hope they are as happy to have me in their lives as I am to have them in mine.

 Next month I will be excited when I can say “Happy Birthday Arcadian Cove!  I’m looking forward to many more.  Thank you for all the opportunities you’ve given me to grow & for all the love you’ve allowed me to receive.”

 Very, Very Sincerely,

Ms. Cris

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